Ep. 13: Reflections On ‘The Road’

by | Jan 19, 2022

The central dynamic of meditation – the act of placing one’s attention and welcoming what one finds – is not exclusive to formal practice. Here Neil McKinlay reflects upon the presence of stability and insight in Cormac McCarthy’s affecting novel, ‘The Road’. This book is considered as, among other things, a work of steady and unwavering attention.

Bringing Meditation to Life with Neil McKinlay
Bringing Meditation to Life with Neil McKinlay
Ep. 13: Reflections On 'The Road'

About the Host 

Neil McKinlay has long been fascinated by the intersection of spiritual practice and so-called ordinary living. As a partner and parent, author and swim coach, he has sought to understand the ways these roles influence and are influenced by his longstanding engagement with meditation. As a teacher of somatic meditation, he encourages his students to ask similar questions of their own practice and life.

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