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Bring meditation alive in your life.

What does it mean to allow meditation a place in our lives? What happens when the wisdom of our embodied lives is considered central to this engagement? Receive support and encouragement, inspiration and empowerment in a community of practitioners exploring embodied meditation in our everyday lives.

Deepen your practice. Welcome the richness of life.

Weekly on Tuesdays & Thursays

Live Guided Practice

Join me on Zoom every Tuesday at 4:00 pm (PT) and Thursday at 10:30 am (PT) for guided meditation practice followed by a talk.

Weekly on Saturdays

Live Practice + Discussion

On Saturdays at 10:30 am (PT) we gather together for a silent practice and group discussion on Zoom. Bring your insights, aha’s, and questions.

Access Anytime

Practice Support

Access a growing library of recordings from past live events. Engage fellow community members. Learn about other ways to bring meditation to life.

An invitation to attend the gatherings


Neil’s approach to somatic meditation is gentle, straightforward and empowering. He reminds us simply to “feel the body, feel the earth” rather than insisting it’s necessary to learn complex somatic protocols. And, since he believes that life – not the teacher – is at the center of our path, he acts as a mentor/facilitator/friend rather than as an all-knowing guru. I always leave his weekly gatherings with new insights that broaden the scope of my practice. Having access to Neil’s online sangha from 3,200 miles away is wonderful.

— Cynthia Harriman

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