Online Courses

Offering both flexibility and accessibility, online courses provide opportunities to further our relationship with meditation in a way that respects and responds to the realities of our daily lives.

Learning to Meditate

An Introduction to Embodied Meditation

Through six pre-recorded sessions, Learning To Meditate shares some of the key concepts and basic techniques of embodied meditation. Talks are kept short. Practices build one upon the other in content and duration. The concise presentations can be easily incorporated into daily life and the recorded format allows you to move at a pace that feels right.

$34.99 USD

A Practice Series

Three Aspects Of Embodiment

Access a series of four linked audio recordings (all roughly 25 minutes in length) that guide us into a fuller sense of embodied experience. Move at your own pace as we touch upon the personal body, the sense body, and the body of the earth while laying down. And then, in the final session, transition this experience into an upright position.

$19.99 USD

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