Mini Retreats

Over the span of a few hours, mini retreats offer multiple practice sessions and concise teachings. In doing so, they allow us unique opportunities to settle into the body, to touch an openness that is both clear and rejuvenating – that readies us to return to everyday living renewed.

Notes: Members of the Living Meditation Network must register from within this community. Mobile users who enounter difficulty registering are encouraged to try via their internet browser. 

At Home In Our Lives

Saturday July 16 (1 pm – 2 pm PT)


This one-hour workshop offers a practical introduction to embodied meditation. Featuring periods of discussion and a number of short practice sessions, this event is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced meditators, and is free to all who want to attend. A chance to deepen our sense of being at home in our lives. 

Saturday October 1 (1 pm – 2 pm PT)

Saturday November 19 (1 pm – 2 pm PT)

Sitting Still


Featuring three forty minute practice blocks, this event offers guided and unguided meditation sessions, short breaks, and a retreat-ending discussion period. Our focus through this span will be ‘sitting still’ – the foundational task of settling into embodied experience.

Sunday September 25 (10 am – 1 pm PT)
$24.99 USD

Sunday October 16 (10 am – 1 pm PT)
$24.99 USD

Sunday November 20 (10 am – 1 pm PT)
$24.99 USD


“Deeply relevant, Neil’s online offerings continue to surprise me with their immediacy, respectful inclusion, and ability to gather us together from far and wide in a thoughtful, heart rendering somatic meditation, contemplation and practice.”

– Leslie McAuley

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