Ep. 9: Small ‘P’ Presence

by | Nov 11, 2021

In this episode of ‘Bringing Meditation to Life’, a poem by Ted Kooser reminds us of the everyday ordinariness meditation – the simple practice of being present – allows us to connect with. Far from being characterized by moments of big ‘P’ presence, meditation is more often marked by immediacy of the small ‘p’ sort.

Bringing Meditation to Life with Neil McKinlay
Bringing Meditation to Life with Neil McKinlay
Ep. 9: Small 'P' Presence

About the Host 

Neil McKinlay has long been fascinated by the intersection of spiritual practice and so-called ordinary living. As a partner and parent, author and swim coach, he has sought to understand the ways these roles influence and are influenced by his longstanding engagement with meditation. As a teacher of somatic meditation, he encourages his students to ask similar questions of their own practice and life.

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